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  • Edin Suljic

The thinker

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

What is a man supposed to do in order to help himself understand his actions and the wider world that he is a part of?

How can a man call his life a happy life?

How can he start each new day with a renewed hope that he can conduct himself throughout whatever task in his life he’s been assigned?

A man must find answers within himself. A man must think hard. To think in a way that helps him find the answers.

He must have a solid support within and outside himself.

Support within is his heart, his emotional world.

Outside support comes from his living conditions.

And thinking in itself is an inward and outward process.

Thinking towards a goal, as well as thinking of one’s connection and dependence on the wider world.

In such a way, the answers come as a result of all forces. In such a way, a man explores all the elements of religious tradition and finds his own, personal connection with a greater spirit (larger universe), rather than a connection via representatives or religious institutions.

He examines his past and ponders his future. He draws his strength and inspiration for his new goals, but he also undergoes self-judgement for all his past actions; within his emotional world he finds a possible purgatory.

Copyright Edin Suljic, 2011.

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