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  • Creative output includes: poetry, short stories and essays;

  • Writing for, and producing collaborative theatrical work; as well as photography and short films. 

  • Performing my own writing in collaboration with various musicians.

  • Performing collaborative writing with Bards Without Borders, Poets Collective

from exiled and immigration backgrounds. 

Counterpoints Arts / Tate Modern

  • ​In 2018 and 2019 we performed our writing at Tate Modern as a part of the Who Are We Project, promoted by Counterpoints Arts. My own essay is published on their website.

Edin Suljic essay on Who Are We

Who Are We: Bards without boarders artists


  • Our current collaboration, started in December 2019, continuing all the way through the pandemic lockdowns, is No Direction Home, stand up Comedy group 

Performance in Leamington Spa

  • The project On Belonging was presented at the Write Idea, literary festival of East London,

in November 2019.

Borderings Goes Beyond

Catford, London, April 2022.

Artists with an immigration background present their vision of the inner workings of our society.

They go beyond the crowded environments of humanitarian organizations, social workers and academia.

They explore the edges of the metropolis where illusions and policies begin to fade.

Here, the resilience and the integrity of the human spirit, like that of the artists themselves, provides a backbone for the magic of life itself.

Borderings is a project on exploring displacement, gender and health.

Originally commissioned for the SELMA project by University College London.

View project website

  • Throughout 2017, I was leading a development of the project “On Patriotism in Britain”, which was also performed at the annual Literary Festival Write Idea.     (Previous WriteIdea)

  • Previously, in 2016 we developed and presented a project on the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. We performed in various venues in London, such as Rich Mix, and the Southbank Centre.   

Bards without boarders on tour

Shakespeare 400th anniversary

Refugee Council of Australia with No Direction Home of Counterpoints Arts

Refugee Week 2020

Refugee Council of Australia started the initiative of International Refugee Week many years ago. Last June I was invited to work with these lovely people from down under, to mark Refugee Week of 2020.

On Belonging

Poetry performance with Martin Lau, artist and musician

On Belonging is a project created right in the onset of new way of living with the pandemic amongst us, exploring how a sense of belonging to a place, to a tribe, to a nation, to a country is formed; why do we fear ‘otherness’ and how do we become bound to each other. From challenging times in the past to the challenges of the present, would it (still) be possible to create a modern myth on Belonging in Britain today. What is uniting us and what is dividing us? Martin’s music is a direct and improvised response to Edin’s poetry which in turn runs the gamut of human feelings, drawing on experiences of various generations of immigrants to the UK, taking cues from William Blake’s rage against Dark Satanic Mills and visions of a Green And Pleasant Land, to his own wanderings in a new land and finding solace in the graveyards and resting places of those who came before. Copyright Edin Suljic/Martin Lau 2020


Literary festival in Stari Grad Island of Hvar Croatia

2017, 2019,2020


Writing Home with Exiled Writers Ink

I was involved in devising and producing a theatre/writing project ‘Writing Home’ with writers from London and the towns of Mostar and Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina (April 2009).

Exiled writers website

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