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  • Edin Suljic

Love in Times of Lockdown

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Love moves the world but the world is more than that.

I made this chess set during the first lockdown, last spring. And I have written my first sonnet, although not to the exact rules of Shakespearean or Petrarchan sonnet...

Sonnet I

As spring with smells of soil lilac and sex turns around,

When ritual washing of sins follows ritual killings,

Already wasting youth, beauty, strength newborns are Earthbound,

Where drunkenness on power, fame and ale competes with mothering feelings,

Contrasting the silence of hens patiently new world hatching,

As the old keeps arranging, searching, discovering, shouting… can you hear me? – unheard,

The same insane humming of bees by a honeysuckle bush matching,

As the stars locked in their mechanism keep turning self-assured,

And the Lord, small and week, laughing and crying upon his creation,

Seeking his own unity, diminished, by his partition,

Whilst the righteous continue speaking of his revelation,

Like timepieces confident of their completion,

Yet from dirt, tiers and blood, through us, in miracles, he arises,

Whilst thunderclap of cries and sorrows between the heavens rages.

Copyright Edin Suljic 2020.

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